The American Mud Race Orlando Free Kids Adventure Race Florida April 25, 2015




Registration: 20-25 TOTAL
Packet Pickup
 - They assist with all Pre-registered runners for event.  Volunteers will look up each person by their last name and hand out bib #, saftey pins and race goodie bag.  Please verify name with driver’s license and/or age.

Walk-up Registration - Volunteers will supply runner with a race #, safety pins & t-shirt.  They will assign the race number onto the application (top RT corner in red marker) and place in a pile (these need to be inputted into Timing/Scoring database to ensure the person will be timed)(.  This role does deal with money.  Please notify VOLS as to where the money needs to go after race starts.

Chip Distribution - Volunteers will give the participant their timing device based off the bib # shown to them by the participant.  The participant MUST SHOW THEIR BIB # in-order to pick up their timing device.  Volunteers will instruct the participant to place this on their shoe.  They need to put this device through their laces to ensure it will not fall off.

Bag Check tent - Volunteers will take the bags from participants, write respected bib # on bag with labels, bag tag, etc and place on table according to bib number.  They will give back the bag upon “check-out”.

Finish Line/Chip Removal: 5-8 TOTAL
This area is comprised of VOLS that will assist in the flow of the finish line.  They will also hand out race finisher’s medals and retrieving all chips on shoes.  Need to get the timing device back for each person.

Refreshment Area in FINISH corral: 8-10 TOTAL
These volunteers will assist in this area with preparation of water, replacement drink, fruit & breaded item.  They remain at this area for the duration of the event and make sure all areas remain stocked.

Bananas - Pull them apart from their bunces and place back in the box. Begin placing on the tables with tops off after the race starts.  Want to conserve and save for the runners (only have enough of these for the estimated total of runners).

Finish line Water - Depends on how water is packaged at the finish line.  If individual bottles – simply cut out of packagin and place in pools/coolers on ice or on table for ease for the runners.  If done via 5-gallon jugs – simply pour into cups & begin process like 15 minutes before race start time (this helps conserve on the water).  Fil as many as you can & continue this process throughout the event.  If layering board is available – use it to build an additional layer of cups.  If Diamond Springs provides dispensers – simply place 5-gallon jugs in dispensers & put the cup holders on the side & fill with their cone cups.  This becomes a self-service water area at the finish line.

Food Tent – Volunteers  will work with caterer and help distribute food.  They will take tickets / money and service each person as instructed by catering team.

Beer Tent - Volunteers will work with caterer and help distribute beer. Must be 21 years or older to work in this area of the post-race staging zone.  They will take tickets / money and service each person as instructed by catering team.


Course Monitors @ Obstacles: 15-20 TOTAL (Depends on # of obstacles & “tricky” turns)
These Volunteers will be strategically placed by event team and EMT personnel.  They will make sure participants stay on the route and go in the correct direction.  They will make sure all participants complete each obstacle and complete the course.  They will also be by each given obstacle making sure no one gets hurt in trying to attempt each one.  MEDICAL Plans will be in place and EMT’s will be placed throughout the route for easy access to given areas on the route.  Each VOL on the course will be given the proper MEDICAL Plan prior to making their way to their given location.

Water Stop(s): 6-8 Per stop
These Volunteers will be handing the runners their water  as they pass by the stop.  Volunteer should set up the tables into 2 sections – some should be moved maybe 10 feet apart from the other set of tables.  Allows for the participants to spread out slightly and not just clump around one section.  They should set up on one side – the side the supplies are dropped on.  Please fill the cups 1/2 full – participants like to squeeze cup and drink from smaller opening.  Fill enough cupst to fit on a table & use layering boards to place on top to create another layer of full cups.  This saves on water and allows it to be a quicker process to set it up and pour the water into many cups.  Once the participants are through (you will know the last participant as there will be an event tail team) – use rake(s) to gather ALL cups and trash bags to place them & any additional trash.  Break the tables down and place all items in a pile like they were when the Volunteers arrived t othe location.  Course cleanup team will be following the course and cleaning all cones & water stop(s).